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  1. Georgia Hall says:

    I came to your show at the literary Fest and I asked you what was the story of the orphan

  2. Georgia Hall says:

    Can you tell me the rest of the story

    • JeffFuchs says:

      Hi Georgia,
      I remember you well at the talk. You sat near the front with your Mom. Thanks for following up with your question, as you said you would.
      The old orphan woman, whose name was Drolma met a young trader when she was young (over 50 years ago). She was one of the villagers that took care of the Tea Horse caravan’s horses and made sure they had enough to eat. A young handsome trader from Chamdo noticed her and how she was so caring for the horses. The next time he showed up he brought her gifts from afar which included some earrings. He promised to come back and take her to Chamdo to meet his family, as he wanted to marry her – back then life and love seemed a little simpler. She told us that she dreamed of a day when he would return and she would be able to leave with him as she had no family in her town. He was supposed to return to her village (and her in September…don’t know the year) and she waited…and waited. He never returned and she never married as she always thought that maybe, just maybe, he would return. She never again heard from him or about him. We are lucky in one way that we have technology to communicate with as she never knew what happened to him
      Be well Georgia and thanks for writing.
      From a very cold Shangri-La,

      • Kristine Gravelle-Rystenbil says:

        Wow Jeff. That’s a sad yet tremendously beautiful story. That she shared it with you is a true privilege and honour.

        • JeffFuchs says:

          When you meet these ‘legends’ you sit there and just take as much as you can in. Despite the expression, she had a stunning laugh, which we also were privileged to enjoy.


    Jeff,very sad story of life–it is not a story of film–But i want to know her present age.Does she is alive?where she lives?


    Drolma-I mean-

    • JeffFuchs says:

      Drolma wasn’t sure of her age as many of the nomads don’t record births and deaths, but she (and friends of hers) believed she was in her early seventies. She had a tangible spirit that some have…she carried the weight of her sufferings and joys with her in face and in deed.

      be well Mayur

  5. Tracey Kwan says:

    Ann and I enjoyed your speak today at the Reference Library at the Toronto Teas Festival. Where and when did your obsession with tea begin?

    p.s. I think flavoured teas are great (especially with black tea) but understand where you are coming from when paying for “exceptional leaf quality”. I am sure you have an amply supply of the “good stuff”.

    • JeffFuchs says:

      Thanks for the note Tracey. Obsession began in earnest in Taiwan’s Nantou County 14 years ago, and then it flew into Asia generally. Glad you understood the point about flavoured teas….there are some great ones. Vital though to understand the basics of what tea is, flavoured or otherwise. The mouth ultimately is the judge at the end of the sip.

      be well and thanks for stopping by – was a great venue

    • JeffFuchs says:

      Sorry for the delay in responding Tracey. While tea was in the blood young, the real ‘hit’ came in Taiwan when I was introduced to superb teas, their stories, and methods of consuming. That set off the journeying to find different teas, styles, and of course the people behind the teas.

      Yes, an ample supply of the good stuff you mention, but always keen to try new teas – though admittedly prefer those that come as they are unsullied by flavours.

      thanks for the note Tracey,

  6. don wilds says:

    Jeff I just watch your show it was so great I don’t know much about tea but just place a order with you will be here in few days, if you could have just I cake what would it be. thank you so much for all you do for tea,don wilds

    • JeffFuchs says:

      Hi Don,
      Thanks for your note and for ordering up a cake and look forward to your thoughts once you sip.
      If I could have just one cake, it would be an old tree tea and most likely a Man Mai from He Kai region of Bulang Mountain. Good value and loads of ‘force’ every single time. Be well Don.

  7. Susie Berelsman says:

    Jeff, thank you for passing on such a wonderful, yet sad, story. So many people these days “miss” the true beauty in sitting own and talking with the elders to listen to stories of their youth and love. I am a nurse and I love asking questions like this of older people in countries I have traveled to (Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia, India). I have a love of Southeast Asia that draws me there time and time again. I will have to politely disagree with you on the love issue, it is still that simple, we have grown to make it more difficult than it should be! Thank you for sharing your stories of their stories…

    • JeffFuchs says:

      Thanks for the note and thoughts Susie. Much appreciated. Your experiences are the very ones that touch something deeper and many many would relate. We have made it more difficult – I wonder at this all of the time. The magic seems to happen when we engage.
      Be well and thanks once again.

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